Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothering Like Jesus

Being a mother is hard. These past two weeks have been difficult for many reasons. Hudson is a fiesty, determined two-year-old who has a very strong will. He has been testing that will on Chance and I more than ever lately. The other day in the van he pushed me away and said, "No, Mommy!" Aubrey was in the carseat crying, and Hudson's rudeness wasn't helping the stress of the situation (i.e. being in the car with two fussy children). My heart broke as Hudson spoke those words. I realized that motherhood consists of a lot of selfless serving and very little gratitude from those whom you care for.

In John 13, Jesus demonstrates selfless service toward the disciples. Before the Passover meal Jesus takes off his robe and begins to wash their feet. Foot-washing was usually reserved for slaves or servants. Yet here He is, the Son of God, washing the dirt off of other men’s feet without complaining or grumbling. John says that the disciples didn't even understand what Jesus was doing. We don't know from the text whether or not Jesus washed Judas’s feet, but can you imagine if he did wash Judas’s feet, the feet of the man who is about to turn him in to be crucified? When I read this passage, I am convicted by how my flesh seeks recognition and praise, whereas Jesus sought neither. His example demonstrates to me that selflessness is about serving others with a happy heart because it pleases God. 

Mothering is also a way to lay down your life in service of others, similarly to how Jesus served.
 In describing the exemplary woman, Proverbs 31:28 says that “Her children rise up and call her blessed.While it would be really nice to hear this from my toddler and newborn, I doubt that my children will be praising me anytime in the near future. For now, my job as their mother is to lay down my life for my children without the expectation of reciprocal thanks, recognition, or affection. And even though this is tough stuff, I maintain my resolve to lay down my life in this season of testy toddlers for the glory of the One who laid down his life for me.