Friday, June 22, 2012

Food on Friday: I Love S'Mores

I grew up in Michigan. And every summer my family of four would go camping - at state parks, campgrounds, RV parks, etc. You name it, we went there. And I absolutely love those memories. Well, when I went off to college, we didn't do so much camping anymore. My sister was in the 'real world' working and I was all the way in South Florida. However, the summer after my freshman year of college, I worked as a camp counselor as a Christian camp in Traverse City, Michigan (Lake Ann Camp). I had gone there for many years as a camper, so it was neat to be back as a counselor. The food at camp was ... not to my liking, shall I say? (I was very picky in college!) But one food that I would NEVER pass up were: chocolate-covered graham crackers + marshmellows = Lake Ann-style s'mores! Who has never had a s'more, c'mon? Graham crackery goodness, filled with melted Hershey's chocolate bars and Kraft Jet-Puffed marshmellows -- just so good! You can tell I have my favorites.

Well, the chocolate fudge-covered graham crackers take s'mores to a whole new level. We made them this way for convenience sake, though I will forever have a place in my heart for those little guys. I am sad to say that I will probably never be able to eat one ever again because I am now a gluten-free, dairy/lactose-free dieter, but I will cherish those fond camping experience memories, that's for sure. Alas I am very sad about this prospect.
One thing that Chance and I like to do in the suburbia where we live (i.e. Dallas, Texas) is: roast marshmellows using our mini grill! It works pretty well and it is always fun for us. Campfires are better, obviously, but in the city - this will certainly do. In our old apartment we took our mini grill up to the roof of the parking garage and roast our 'mellows! (Before I was on my GF diet, we used graham crackers) As you can see in the pictures, we also added a twist to our s'mores by using peanut butter cups! Yum!
 Well, on this Friday night, we might just have to break out the grill and scope out a spot by the lake and munch on one of our favorite naturally gluten and fat free snacks: marshmellows!

Wouldn't you just love a s'more right about now?

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