Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Diet That Satisfies

After stumbling across Jen Wilkin's blog some months ago, I have been pleased to find that her writing is always edifying, honest, and not without eloquence. She happens to live here in Dallas, and although I've never met her, I would be glad to learn a writing/blogging tips from her. I found her recent post called "Partially Hydrogenated Bible Study" to be particularly insightful. I love the parallels she makes between our physical diet and our spiritual diet. So check our her wonderful post and ask yourself: are you being nutritionally satisfied in your study in the Word?

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  1. what a pleasure to come across her blog via your blog. Indeed her recent post was insightful, but I also stumbled upon "Guarding Sabbath for our Children"...something that I really needed to read at this stage of raising Ben. always good to read what you have to say Kathryn, you are much wiser and more thoughtful than your years!