Monday, December 2, 2013

Pre-Marathon Reflections

After four months of training for my first marathon, I am compelled to take the time to think back on what my training has taught me. 

First, I am thankful. I have been able to run six days a week, for the past four and a half months. That is astonishing! My body has held up (for the most part), I have been injury-free, and I have been given both the time and ability to train. 

I am thankful for Chance and his self-sacrifice on my behalf. I am thankful for his support and love. I am thankful for him as Hudson's father, who loves to care for his son. 

I am also thankful that my runs have been times of prayer, reflection, and meditation on God. I love being able to go outside and enjoy God's creation while at the same time enjoying the benefits on exercise. What a gift. 

Second, I have developed a deeper desire for discipline in my life. Marathon training requires consistency, perseverance, and sacrifice. In a word: discipline. I think that my personality tends to gravitate toward routine and self-discipline anyways, which is one reason that I love have a training schedule. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to have daily set goals (amount of mileage) then setting each day out to accomplish those mileage goals. It has been an rewarding and satisfying experience for me.

Lastly, marathon training has revealed to me the truth Jesus spoke of in Matthew 6:21, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." I have valued marathon training. Sometimes I have valued it too much, though, and when my plans don't go accordingly I become irritated. God has shown me the ways in which I can make running an idol if I am not careful to guard my heart. This is all a part of my sanctification. Running can be be both used for God's glory and abused to my shame. 

Well, the countdown continues as I wait for race day. I'm sure there will be plenty more to write about once I cross that finish line. Dallas Marathon 2013, here I come! 

(Stay tuned for Post-Marathon Reflections!)

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