Friday, July 26, 2013

Food on Friday: Company Cafe

So last night, Chance, Hudson, and I went on a "family date" to The Company Cafe on the Katy Trail. It's a gluten-free, local/organic (high quality) restaurant with a bunch of amazing menu items. Chance and I both opted for the free range beef burger with fries - sweet potato for me, and regular for Chance. They were AMAZING. Chance must have said how good his burger was about 200 times. We have a stuffed portobello mushroom for an appetizer, which was equally delicious. And for dessert: strawberry cake. Oh, so good. 
We would highly recommend this place-great, casual atmosphere, spectacular food, and high quality ingredients. Plus, you can eat outside at picnic tables and get lightly misted by water-spraying fans while you enjoy your meal. That was Hudson's favorite part :)  


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    1. Hopefully you all post soon. I want to tell Chance to check out if both of you agree.

    2. I just saw I accidentally sent a car seat link on Facebook. Sorry! I wrote a blog entry which will be published next week for The C.P. Family Network, 9/18/13 under blogs. They have great bloggers! The blog I meant to paste isvapor and mist.