Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An Ambition of Mine

Today, I would like to share with you all one desire of my heart: an idea that has been taking root for quite some time. Over the years [especially in high school] I have struggled with eating/identity issues. This is no secret to friends and family, and I very grateful that I have had the support of so many from time to time - especially my husband, though he might not always understand. As women and girls, we tend to struggle with our physical appearance way more often than those of the opposite sex. I have seen this played out in my own life in multiple ways: 1) the struggle for control with healthy eating habits, 2) excessive exercise and 3) binge eating and depression. By the grace of God, about 3 years ago, I was brought to a point in my life where I knew that these "odd behaviors" were taking a serious toll on my spiritual life and relationship with Christ. I was becoming consumed with my outward appearance and trying to seek to take control through eating and exercise - all to no avail. I still felt out of control and depressed and defeated. In January 2009, I began a new semester of school and began re-thinking the issues of self-control and body image through a biblical perspective. I began to search for Christian resources that could contribute to positive and godly patterns of thinking so that my behavior would follow. I had little success in my search, but had a number of dear friends who gave me their helpful tips formulated through their struggles [see Resource page - coming soon].

The struggle for change begins always in the heart of person, that was one of the major things that I learned and am still learning. Just over a year ago, I stumbled across a wonderful blog called girltalkhome.com & while typing in random things to their search box - including Eating issues, disorders, problems, etc. I found an interview with an author/writer named Elyse Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick wrote a book called "Love to Eat, Hate to Eat" (the title perfectly defines the battle in my opinion) which I immediately purchased. Last fall I read that book, which is the first Christian book that gets to the root of the issue of eating--the sinful, distorted desires of the heart. I gleaned much from this book and have recommended it to many friends and friends-of-friends. It has profited me much and I hope that it might do the same for you.

So, my heart's desire: to formulate an on-going resource page & blog dedicated to the issue of eating/identity struggles/food matters that is Christological and bibliocentric. Basically, a legitimate Christian resource for girls & women that incorporates biblcial truth as the foundation for helping with all sorts of eating issues. I have already asked one dear friend to contribute to the page (and she is a much better write than myself). I would love, love, LOVE to hear your comments, concerns, questions and suggestions. Please feel free to comment below this post or e-mail me at kathryn.m.sumner@gmail.com . Facebook messages are welcome too :)


  1. Hello Kathryn!!

    Wow, we have much more in common than I initially thought!! I read this and I HAD to comment to first commend you for sharing your struggle, accepting it, and looking to help others and connect. I too have had ongoing issues with many of the things you listed and much more! It has been such a frustration ever since I can remember and I have learned a lot but it still haunts me no matter what.

    I actually realized how much energy I put into everything from researching the 'secrets to a flat belly', 'how to drop 5 lbs in a week', 'workouts that target love handles',etc, to implementing various diet regimens for myself, that I am looking into a career change. 2012 is the year that I begin my journey to return to school to eventually get my RD certification. It's a major change and it will take a lot of time but it feels right to finally take the steps to learn, positively focus on my passion (or sickness) and educate others as I educate myself.

    I can't wait to read the book you mentioned and I am so thankful that I stumbled upon this and met you! I think this is an amazing idea and I will certainly be a contributing member!!

    I hope all is well with you and Chance and I am so happy you guys found each other. Please keep in touch and I look forward to sharing and learning.

  2. I'm excited for this:)

  3. Liz!

    Thank you so much for reading and your encouraging words. I am really looking forward to delving deeper into this issue and being able to reach out to others about it. I would love to hear more about what specifically you have gone through and what you're experiencing now.. my e-mail is kathryn.m.sumner@gmail.com. Feel free to write me anytime! I'd love to stay in touch :) Thanks again for commenting!

    P.s. RD certification - that's awesome!