Sunday, January 15, 2012


This morning in Sunday school we did a little activity with our sixth grade class. In their workbooks for this week's lesson, the acronym "PROVIDENCE" was written, with blank boxes to the right of each letter. The activity was for the students to write next to each letter (for example "P") a word that began with that letter, something in which God had providence over. I did the lesson the night before while Chance was preparing, and so I came up with a long list that included things like: people, running, occupation, vacations, death, evil, napping, cars, and election. We did the activity in class and had the students read their responses & explain why they thought that God had providence over those certain things. 

Well, later on in the afternoon I learned a lesson in God's providence. I went out for a run on the hilly trail on White Rock Lake, near our apartment. It was an exceptionally windy day so in certain directions I was running against the wind. As I turned around to head back toward home, on a particular spot of the path with overhanging trees, I felt something hit my skin - SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. Oh no, I thought... no, no not again*.

Oh yes, God is even providential over: bird poop. Do I believe that God planned for that to happen? If I believe in the absolute sovereignty of a good, gracious, loving, and powerful God - then my answer is a resounding yes. God has providence over bird poop. I hope my sixth graders get a kick out of this story when I tell them next week. 

(*This was the 4th time in my life when I have been pooped on by a bird while running or walking)

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