Thursday, March 15, 2012

Comfort to my Soul

I love orchestral music. I played the violin for almost 12 years, and since I stopped I have loved listening to stringed instruments and being reminded of all those years of practicing. This morning I was searching another blog and came across this wonderful concept: Scripture Lullabies. This music is gentle, sweet, and not just for babies in cribs! I love the fact that Scripture can be put to music and be sung. I am fairly good at memorizing lyrics and so this for me is a perfect way to memorize Scripture and have my mind saturated with God's truth. I hope that enjoy this as well. I know what my next baby shower gift will be to one lucky mom-to-be!

P.s. I also love the fact that a PSALM is being sung! (If you didn't already know this, I love the Psalms).

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