Friday, March 30, 2012

Food on Friday: Green Tea Soy Latte

In high school whenever I would go to Starbucks, my drink of choice would either be a soy vanilla latte (sugar free), a Caramel macchiato, or this delicious-looking concoction. One of my dear friends would always comment on how disgusting this very green beverage looked, and I would respond, "Well have you ever tried it?" Her answer was of course always, no. Now I would ask you reader, would this matcha green tea soy latte ever touch your taste buds? Today, I decided to go grab one from the local Starbucks. And as I contemplated this strange liquid that I had just ordered, I looked around at the customers inside the store. I thought about the brevity of life. I thought about empty pursuit of status. I thought about the simple pleasures. I thought about the complexity of my Savior and his desire for me to savor Him above all things. And then I got my drink: sweet but not all-satisfying. Have you ever noticed how a craving can leave you empty even after you satisfied it? I'm reminded today that everything that is not Christ is fleeting and worthless in comparison to Him. Including my green tea soy latte*.

(*Everyone should still try one at one point, and then tell me once you have!)

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