Friday, March 23, 2012

Food on Friday: Best Bread Ever

Yesterday for "Precept Day" (once a week my office buys lunch from the restaurant of our choosing!) I suggested The Kozy Kitchen in Dallas. My co-worker obliged and I ordered a salad with a slice of their Gluten-Free bread. I have eaten their one and a half times before yesterday (one time for a meal, and one time I only got dessert.. to-go=a half time). I was super excited to try their bread out because I haven't had bread in a few months! Since going on this gluten-free diet, I have not yet attempted to bake anything gluten-free. Oops. I will get more adventurous soon, I promise.

So you're probably wondering if the bread met my very lofty expectations. Well to answer your question: YES! It even exceeded them. I didn't take a picture, but above is a picture of their Gluten-Free French Toast with strawberries looking equally yummy. Even if you don't eat gluten-free, this bread is still worth it (well maybe not because it's $2 more expensive). Typical gluten-free (GF) bread is gritty, flaky, falls apart easily, and bland. But this homemade bread was moist, hearty, and thick!

Next time you are in Dallas, let me know and we can go enjoy some Kozy Kitchen delicacies, my treat :)

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  1. I tried a pizza from Mellow the other day that was on a gluten free crust, and I was really impressed-I thought it was pretty good. When you come visit AR, I'll take you out for one:)