Friday, May 25, 2012

Food on Friday: Tribute to My Healthy Husband

That is hummus.. very garlick-y hummus.

I never thought that the day would come when I would be able to applaud and rejoice at my husband's eating. But that day has arrived! I'll give you a bit of a background story and then tell you why I am so excited. When Chance and I first met, he wasn't a terrible eater. He played soccer in college, and so "Caf" meals were what his diet pretty much consisted of. He grew up in a home-cooked family, where dinner was served every night - what a blessing. But he still had his learning to do. One instance I remember well, on a trip we took to Wal-Mart together, Chance decided he wanted to purchase "grape drink". Yes, that's right "grape drink". To my amazement, Chance was unaware that grape drink had actually NO real grape juice in it, but was basically sugar and water and high fructose corn syrup in liquid form: yummy. Over the years of our friendship, dating, engagement, and finally marriage food/diet has been quite a point of contention. We have had different views on what a "healthy diet" is actually made up of, and argued about whether "organic food" is really better for you. Well in the last few months, I am proud to say that through the education of multiple food documentaries that advocated plant-based diets, showed the health risks of the American diet, and gave us a real look at what is in the food that we put in our bodies, my husband is a convert. No more will he be buying foods with ingredients that can't be pronounced, and no more will we have 'discussions' about my seemingly picky food choices. I am very happy indeed. And I think that our relationship just got a whole lot sweeter. It's great to be able to agree on what is going on the table and into our bodies. I love my husband dearly, and I appreciate the fact that (although it took some well-done documentaries to convince him) he now sees my point of view. We will still have our disagreements, but I am happy to say that our diet will likely not be one of them. Thank you Lord for good food that treats our bodies right! And thank you Lord for my healthy husband!

*Note: even if Chance continued to eat some junk food here and there, I'd still love him unconditionally, it just makes grocery shopping and cooking a whole lot easier.*

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