Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Trip to Trader Joe's

On my journey last week, to my hometown of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, my mother, grandmother and I stopped by our local Trader Joe's. I know I have written elsewhere on this blog about grocery stores, but this store is by far my favorite. I love all of the unique packaging, interesting combinations of ingredients, and rare concoctions that you can find there. Whenever this store popped up in our local "Village" (only Grosse Pointers will get that reference) most citizens of the GPs were skeptical at first -- but Joe's instantly became a hit! My mom loves to shop there because they have such an extensive list of gluten free foods-very much a blessing to her. Well, while I was in college, my sweet mother began sending me packages of fall-inspired treats to alleviate my Floridian woes (haha) and remind me of my hometown: maple-flavored cookies, pumpkin bread mix, and of course my favorite -- dark chocolate-covered espresso beans.
So while I was back up in Grosse Pointe last week, I picked up a container of them and have been popping a few every day since I got back to Dallas. Lucky for me, my husband doesn't like dark chocolate! Oh and rumor has it that Trader Joe's is coming soon to Dallas - yippee! I won't have to wait until my next visit to Grosse Pointe to get my d.c.e. bean "fix" (had to abbreviate that one).

The real reason my I was up in Michigan though, wasn't to get my candy cravings satisified, but to CELEBRATE! On Thursday and Friday my family had the privilege of seeing my sweet sister graduate from the University of Michigan with her master's degrees. Also, I got to help throw her a bridal shower tea party on Saturday which was a ton of fun! I made little sachets of homemade tea (with mom's help) and gave them out as party favors to the guests. Thank you Martha Stewart - can't take credit on my own for that one. Here's a picture of the family:

We are all so proud of her!
(Note: I do not advocate 'addictions' of food and am very cautious about my use of terms like "fix" in regards to food. See other pages like Food & Eating for reasons why)

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